Quintessentially British

Lovely café with British vintage concept  located at Jogjakarta open 24 hours every day , where we over to our customer great selection of foods and beverages, nice ambience and a friendly service to meet  our customer expectation.

Attention to detail running through our blood, innovation is in our brain, and wow would be the very first word come out from our customer.

We serve mostly western food , but there is always a humble nasi goreng  on our menu, wide selection of menu that we offer, from breakfast menu, pastas, sandwiches, grill selections, small bites and we are very focus on serving our customer with a great coffee.

Since we really pay a detail attention toward everything we do, including on our building, such a nice building we have, that could be very nice for those who explore on art photography.

We answer the question for those looking for comfy café where they can do their paper work, or any office duty by offering space that we call @beehive coffee and working space at the back of our café. Our customer can do workshop, mini class and as well small meeting with the client.

As we mention above that we want to serve a great coffee to our customer, we collect nice variety coffee from all around Indonesia and we roast them @CB royal roastery and we proudly present the latest product from our roastery which is @kopirakjatjogja

Café Hits Jogja Ala Eropa